I've written over 100 screenplays for movies, television and stage. I can provide a free sample based on your storyline.
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We can ghost write your screenplay, treatment, e-book or novel. Very reasonable rates!

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Got writers block? I can help.

Script writing is an art as well as a science. I have spent years learning to write good dialog, scenes, action and plot lines.

I can help you with your screenplay, whether you need to start from the beginning or edit your existing file into the correct format for Final Draft or other programs. Maybe you need a screenplay written from your notes, outline, treatment, book or memoir, contact me above for details on pricing. Consultations start for as low as $50. Non-Disclosure Agreement provided with pricing and timeline for completion of your screenplay project.

Now you can start planning meetings with Producers and Directors.

Need a screenplay fast? I can help, local L.A. writer, native English speaker, not sent overseas like some services will do. We can meet in person to discuss your project. I can write, rewrite, edit, format or add scenes to your screenplay writing project. I am an experienced screenwriters for hire with an IMDB page; I specialize in drama, action, horror, scifi and comedy. Can deliver your project in a few weeks in Final Draft, MS Word and PDF.

I specialize in these genres

Romantic Comedy
Science Fiction/Cult/Experiemental
Drama Legal-Politcal-Business
Action Adventure/Historical
Western and Cowboy
Horror and Slasher
Documentary and Business presentation
Short Film Scrips
YouTube video scripts
Flash Fiction

You can have a full length script ready for delivery is as little as 2 weeks. I've helped dozens of local film makers and video producers create movie and television pilots. I specialize in action adventures, sitcom, science fiction, historical, romance, comedy, drama, political or legal, cult or noire, experimental. Sample scripts available.

As an avid reader of books, magazine, blogs and newspapers, I always have lots of ideas for material and dialog. I can provide you with a sample of some of my work upon request. Many of the projects are in pre-production and being sold to the studios, or in the financing stage.

Please contact me through the CONTACT with your project information, and estimated length of scripts. Thank you for your consideration.

I can edit and format your screenplay project in less than 1 week with copies delivered in Final Draft, MS Word and Adobe PDF.
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Script Writing and Editing.

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